A story of how Open Up was born

You know how everyone is saying that men and women are so different and if you want to really talk about your feelings you have to turn to your bestie? Well, that is exactly how I felt about all of my past relationships. But there was always a voice inside me telling me not to settle for it. I always believed that my partner should be my best friend, who knows my soul and I know his.

I know, I know, it’s hard to just randomly open up and talk about all your past relationships and fears out of the blue, that is why I created OPEN UP GAME. A series of questions that spark meaningful conversations between two souls.

Now this game is with us everywhere we go, we love to play it while we are driving, eating dinner, or hiking. It brought us so close, that now I can truly say that I know him, a true him with all his fears and dreams, past mistakes and plans.

So, I would like to spread this tool to all the couples who are ready to break through surface-level conversations and connect.